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Friday, January 23, 2009

Economic recession & BPO industry

Economic recession has hit the world with vengeance. But the industry which has thrived this adversity is the BPO industry. When costs of doing work in-house has increased in the companies abroad, they have started to outsource their business requirements, which in turn has become a blessing in disguise to us.

The global economic scenario goes haywire now-a-days. People frantically talk about economic recession with a ‘what-will-be-my-future’ sort of look in their anxiety-filled eyes.

Even Nasscom, the industry association, points out that the current fiscal crisis in the United States will adversely affect the Indian BPO/IT sectors as the clients from USA would be very vigilant in their unrestricted spending on outsourcing their projects.

The revenue generated by the BPO & KPO industry in India is estimated to Rs.1,160 crores and provides employment to almost 7-8 lakh people in the year 2007-08. The largest contributor to the Indian BPO-KPO export market in 2007 is USA with a lion’s share of around 61%.

Why An All-in-one Accounting Services Outsourcing Is Preferred

Not placing all your of eggs in the same basket may be a wise decision, but what is also true is that it does not apply to accounting services outsourcing. It is simply because unlike eggs, most of the accounting functions are interlinked and it would really create a confusing situation if different service providers are hired for each specific accounting process. Starting from basic bookkeeping and continuing to final accounts preparation, financial analysis and tax preparation, most of these accounting sub-processes fall in a linear functional path and it would be better if all of these are managed by a single accounting services outsourcing provider.

The list of all-in-one accounting services outsourcing providers may contain only a few names, but since such services are still readily available, businesses need not worry too much. In a way, it can actually work to their advantage because the less the number of providers, the less will be the effort businesses will have to make in order to select the right accounting services outsourcing provider. Finding the right accounting services outsourcing provider will further eliminate any worries that businesses might be having about placing all of their eggs in the same basket. Achieving desired results such as cost savings and efficiency and accuracy improvements will also become a lot easier then.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Scandal / Scam by India's Satyam founder Ramlinga Raju

Satyam founder Ramlinga Raju has been booked for:

* Criminal conspiracy, after he confessed to perpetrating a 7,000-crore financial fraud
* He also faces charges of cheating for presenting a false picture
* Forgery for doctoring accounts and showing inflated revenues
* Raju and his brother have been booked for criminal breach of trust, now that the future of nearly half-a-lakh employees are at stake
* He’s also been booked for misappropriation of funds - several financial documents and bank statements are missing
* All charges are non-bailable

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