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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Are BPO jobs no longer attractive? Working for a BPO today is a fast way to rake in the moolah!

But what’s it like to be a BPO employee? The popular perception now is that ‘BPO’ is no more the acronym for Brighter Prospects & Opportunities. But is this true?

Well, the truth is that the BPO industry has done a whole lot of good for the country in terms of providing mass employment opportunities. In the early 1990s, it was unheard of for a graduate to get a job without having any additional qualifications. Today, an English-speaking graduate from any town or city in the country can easily find employment.

So, while the West continues to depend on us because of the relatively cheaper costs and intellectual capital here, why are people still hesitant to take up a BPO job? A former BPO employee, Arvind quit his job and opted for higher education. “It’s difficult to climb the corporate ladder beyond a certain point without a master’s degree.

A stint with a BPO became absolutely necessary to kill spare time while preparing for the numerous entrance exams to various colleges. I don’t want to be a BPO employee all my life,” he says.


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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Personality tips for BPO interviews : Body language

Walk with confidence; keep your chin parallel to the floor. Shake hands firmly when you meet the interviewer. Look at people and talk. Maintain eye contact; however, don't stare.

Keep your hands out of the pockets and don't fiddle with things like pen and paper. Don't fold your hands while talking to someone -- it conveys the impression that you are not open to their conversation.

And if you want to make a whole world of difference, SMILE.