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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

BPO vendors see larger US deals by year-end

Clients expected to complete internal evaluation process by then

Mixed fortune

It is a temporary slump in offshoring due to the US credit crunch and the BPOs expect the same factors to fuel increased demand for outsourcing by year-end.

The uncertain environment has indeed forced client companies in the US to ‘reprioritise’ and ‘review’ their roadmap for the future
Adith Charlie

Mumbai, May 4 Is recession good or bad for the business process outsourcing sector? Probably both! Recession in US seems to be a mixed bag for Indian BPO vendors.

They do agree there has been a temporary slump in offshoring due to the US credit crunch, but expect the same recession-related factors to fuel increased demand for outsourcing by the end of the calendar year.

Both IT and BPO companies are witnessing a spate of project delays and cancellations, especially in the financial services space, due to recession in the world’s largest economy. It must be noted that clients can save up to $5 million in costs annually if they enter into a major outsourcing contract. So why are the US companies going slow on their BPO engagements even when they want to cut costs in a recession?

Says Mr Raju Venkatraman, Joint Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of Mumbai-based Firstsource Solutions, “When a company is hit by a crisis that is at least 100 times bigger than the cost benefits that outsourcing will bring, would it think about saving $5 million a year or find solutions for the bigger problem?” Outsourcing is important, but not a priority in a crisis-like situation, he adds. - Source