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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Before making an outsourcing decision- Check list

Before making an outsourcing decision, the outsourcer should also be clear about the responsibilities that he should share. This will help in building a healthy relationship base.

# Willingness to discuss
# Manage expectations
# Last agreed document should be the basis
# Build flexibility to contracts
# Openness to intermediate scope and price review
# Make sure that all the loop holes which can disrupt the outsourcing process are dealt with.

Outsourcing BPO to India - The Long Term Benefits

Amidst the mounting furor against outsourcing one has to examine things more objectively. In the short term, cost benefits and value addition may not be apparent because of the initial investment involved in training and infrastructure. Also outcries against migration of jobs seem to cement the argument. However, as the NASSCOM report shows, the long term benefits are very powerful. Not only does outsourcing BPO to India allow global companies to avail of some of the best talent and expertise at competitive rates, but it also allows the company to actually save several jobs, which it might have had to lay off otherwise.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

The future for the BPO industry holds bright

The future for the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry holds bright. It is estimated that 56% of the BPO market could be India's by the year 2006 with the demand for BPO services increasing at an annual growth rate of 50 per cent during 2004-06. The pace at which the Indian BPO market is increasing is tremendous. The market of BPO in India is likely to be around $9-12 billion by the year 2006 and will employ around 0.4 million people. The BPO market is ready to fire up and India Inc is all geared for this big opportunity.