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Saturday, July 01, 2006

BPO career opportunities

In a growing BPO organization, career opportunities exist across various facets of the business - extending from the core contact center to support functions like HR, legal, marketing, quality, administration etc. Opportunities in the contact center include customer support, telemarketing, technical support and multilingual support (which require people having knowledge of foreign languages like French, Spanish etc.). Opportunities also exist for experienced people from various backgrounds and industries. - like hospitality, services and the retail industry.

In a growing BPO firm the career opportunities exists across various parts of business, from core contact center to the supporting functions like legal, HR, quality, marketing, administration etc. Opportunities in contact center involve telemarketing, customer support, telemarketing, technical support and multilingual support. Because of its vast English speaking population, India has become an ideal candidate for outsourcing US workload through business process outsourcing. English is a popular and well spoken language here. Indians learn English as their second language and are familiar with it. But speaking the global language is not the sole reason for this choice.


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