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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

With increase in outsourcing, Call Centers are also becoming popular

With increase in outsourcing, call centers are also becoming popular. By way of outsourcing, companies contract out some functions to other companies located mostly in cost effective destinations like India. In this field India enjoys several advantages over a number of developed counties. In India, we a have large pool of qualified people; English speaking graduates and IT professionals. In addition to this India have some other advantages like cheap labor, flexibility in working hours and time zone difference. This is the reason why a number of MNCs are outsourcing their business activities to India.

Call centers are becoming increasingly popular in today's business, where many companies have centralized customer service and support functions. Call centers are generally large offices with representatives who either make or receive phone calls. Depending on the type of work, call centers may have a single office employing a few people or large office with thousands of employees. The main activity in some call centers is answering inbound calls, such as a bank that gives out a toll-free number for customers needing help. At the same time there are some call centers that focus on outbound calls too.


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