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Friday, January 05, 2007

BPO in India - It's family first at tech cos & BPOs

Not many companies find fame in office cafeterias. But it was at just such a venue that Ness Technologies’ decision to “make the first job offer to an employable spouse” of an onsite employee found favour. “If a Ness employee is being sent onsite and has an employable spouse, as a policy, Ness always makes the first job offer.

IT behemoth Infosys also understands that thankful employees might go beyond their call of duty. According to an Infosys spokesperson, “The company handles such issues on a case-to-case basis. If the employee’s spouse is also working within Infy, then he/she may be transferred to the same place. Or, the option of a year-long leave can also be availed in such cases.”

With a growing number of employees being sent onsite for long duration projects, IT companies are leading from the front in shaping flexible HR policies. “It is an employee’s family that most often has to make sacrifices for his/her success. Therefore, it is only fair if company policies cover the family as well,” says an HR analyst.


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